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Most people have difficulty coping their emotional turmoil. Some are very expressive and talk it out with someone else while some are very impassive. To those who are very expressive they let it out through social networking sites and post their emotions and release whatever tensions they feel. Afterwards, they feel relieved and less bothered. Actually, it is better to express your emotions rather than keep it with yourself. Keeping your sentiments will eventually tire you and you’ll suffer all the more whereas if you shout it out the pain will lessen and your mind become stable. Thus, don’t let the pain dwells in you for you’ll just suffer alone. If you are the introverted type, you may write a journal or draw or paint or just run and release the tensions building inside your chest.  

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Remembering my wedding day

I was about to face the biggest challenge of my life and that was getting married. Every time I feel lonely I usually recall the day of accepting the commitment of a lifetime and it makes me happy. On that day, the feeling was ambiguous. I felt very excited, very apprehensive, very anxious and at the same very happy. Actually it seemed I was floating and I had difficulty understanding my surroundings. It’s a kind of feeling that will happen only once in your life. On the other hand, getting married was not an easy task for you undergo a lot of pressure and a lot of stress. You took care of everything even the tiniest detail because you wanted your wedding to be perfect if not at least almost. Wedding is a very important day of every woman because it’s like a dream come true. The bride is like a beautiful princess in the fairy tale regally walking on the aisle on the arms of her father while looking excitedly to her handsome groom. Walking on the aisle was such an indescribable feeling which cannot be replaced nor purchased with anything on this world.



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Having you is a gift of a lifetime

Without you I am mess

You make me better you make sweeter

Having you helps me live easier

Your smile ease my worries

Your touch sooth my soreness

Your voice gives hope

You’re the reason I hang on

Let me feel you… let me hold you…let me love you

And let me die for you

Because I could not keep on without you


Having you is a blessing

Marrying you is more than anything

Loving you is my source of breathing

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Being married does not necessarily mean to disregard your physical appearance you should all the more work to look more beautiful in the eyes of your husband. Not that it matters most but what matters least which often neglected by most wife could be one factor that leads to a major problem. Try to be a little bit self and beauty conscious in order to maintain or enhance your appearance in so doing your husband will never cease to be enchanted with your beauty. Applying beauty products and a visit to hair and beauty salon can help you in your transformation. Never weary in doing this regularly so that you will become lovelier and prettier. Treat yourself once in a while for this is one way of distressing after all being a wife is not that easy most especially if you are already a mother. Always look after yourself, your health and looks so you will feel wonderful inside and out.

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How would you feel if your own brother will choose someone else over you? The pain is beyond bearable especially when all your life you’ve spent together experiencing life’s deepest sorrow.

When you are the eldest of the family you took care of your younger brothers and sisters. It’s you who look after them and see to it that they are in good and in comfortable state. You strive hard in order for them to see what you have done and for them to look upon you. You struggle to survive and sacrifice something just for them, though they didn’t ask for it. You wanted a good life for them so you help them to get by and see them through and through. All you dreamed and wished is for them to live better and above all live in accordance to the laws of God because you wouldn’t allow them to live astray and become miserable someday.

And now that they are big and accomplished, your voice is of little importance. Your admonishment is considered unprincipled and contemptible. You then become the antagonist of their life. It’s truly excruciating. Maybe your role as a sister ends here and that you still wish them good luck.

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Single women are mostly successful in their careers since most of them have no time for love or they have no love-life. They concentrate on working very hard and fail to give time to commit into a serious relationship. Also, when women is unattached at the age of 35, she is very picky and have a very high standard towards men. They easily get discourage when they notice blemishes or imperfections to a guy they are dating. Thus, they remain single and have hard time finding Mr. Right Guy. In this light, single women at the age of 35 have common personalities and these are the following:

  1. They tend to be irritable. They easily be annoyed on small things and seemed to be always angry of everything. They laugh a little and are very sensitive.
  2. They are very strict of almost everything and wanted to be impeccable.
  3. They seem to be happy but deep inside they are lonely. They long to have someone to be with, to talk with, to laugh with, to cry with and to love with.