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my personal philosophy


Life could be complicated if you want to perceived it that way but it could be a lot more wonderful if you let yourself enjoy every moment of your life. My existence in this lifetime is a precious gift from our Lord God thus everything that I do should be in consonance to His laws and to whatever endeavor and decisions I am about to make I first consult it to Him and ask for His guidance. When problems strike me I take it as a challenge and immediately pray to God to strengthen me and primarily to keep my faith on Him. Hence, I am not afraid in this world for I know God is with me. The entirety of my being is much more concentrated in cheerfully fulfilling God’s commands and doctrines for I am His servant and shall ever be His faithful servant.


Concurrently, I believe that to live is to appreciate life and by appreciating life you can feel the greatness living within yourself, for what good is there if you keep on complaining and dreading to end your life rather than making most of it. So why waste our energy feeling helpless and worthless because beyond suffering is love and wisdom. Thus, I keep on moving and look for something greater. And take a look of everything this beautiful world has to offer.


Moreover, I may not be a perfect person yet I know I’m a good one. I never degrade nor humiliate somebody instead I treat everyone with high regard worth of being treated nicely. I consider everyone as my friend willing to help them as long as I can. However, I don’t usually build a deep attachment with them for I know friends come and go. I only savor a single moment I am with them and treasure it. I am fond listening to people and interact with them, learn from them because we can only know ourselves if we see ourselves in the eyes of others.


Seemingly, I am a precisely family oriented, I love and value my family. I’ll do everything for their sake. I am obedient to my parents and grandparents and very glad I have them with me. My grandparents never failed to guide and support me, they are the reason that I become a better person, I owe so much to them and I shall cherish the wisdom they endowed to me. I’ll do my very best to make them very proud of me and see them very happy. Also, as much as possible I manifest good example to my younger brothers and sister and lead them to the right direction. My family is all I have right now the greatest wealth I possess.


Further, in working I do my job conscientiously, because I don’t want to settle for less, it should be near perfect. I concur to the advocacy of the organization I am into as long as it won’t infringe the harmonious living of the society and above all it won’t encroach upon the laws of God. Correspondingly, I always uphold integrity and diligence for I am not working for men but for our Lord God.


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What significant factors will philosophy contribute to effective guiding and counseling?

Philosophy contributes the best methods and techniques towards effective guiding and counseling. It contributes how to handle well the clients to better assist him with his needs and problems. It gives insights on what strategies to use in guiding and counseling the student/s.  It helps the counselor to develop a program according to the development needs of the students.

Also, philosophy shows the behavioral patterns of man so that the counselors can easily understand his client and effectively help his client along the way. With philosophy, counselors are guided with their won principles on how to practice guiding and counseling because it is important that counselors should have a philosophy in guiding and counseling to be more committed with his profession and be more oriented with this work.

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Influences of the past to modern Philippine Education

As accounted by some educators that education has something to do with the acquiring of knowledge where intelligence is developed and character is formed which is facilitated primarily at home then continued in an educational institution. Education is a sort of training the mental capacity of the person and all other things that constitute the wholeness of the individual where learning is expected. But how this education existed, and why we have this so-called school curriculum as guide through our course of study like for instance the elementary and high school curriculum of the Philippine Education System.

Undoubtedly, our education is influenced by the past which is carried over and practiced until now. Suffice to say that it is rooted from the ancient times as man seek for truth and knowledge and eventually generate ideas that enables him to investigate more and learn new things. This is then the springboard of the creation of the different perspectives of education from all periods or era’s of history. All acclaimed philosophers and noted historian contributed for the development of today’s modern education, particulary in the Philippines.

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With dignity and pride teaching profession is highly commendable yet the remuneration won’t commensurate to the effort or service it rendered. Notwithstanding, their prestige is beyond imaginable for their work is priceless that you can never repay the sacrifices they exerted as well as how they touch everyone’s lives. Moreover, when you become a teacher considering that you already passed the licensure examination, it would be self-fulfilling and gratifying knowing how valuable this profession is and the process you’ve gone through in achieving it. Conversely, becoming a teacher you should be equipped with the necessary skills, knowledge and values in order to be effective on this field. It requires versatility and flexibility in dealing with the challenges and demands of the society or of the world at large and at the same time to meet and cope it it. Formal training is vital to definitely prepare you the insurmountable predicaments that are inevitable for this profession. Nevertheless, as you approach this profession you still need a lot of preparation to sharpen your capabilities and improved your potential to definitely uphold its reputation in providing quality education to the students or to the learners.

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As we can see in our environment at present, illegal logging and kaingin system are rampant resulting to denuded forest and worst flooding and erosion in some areas of our locality. Somebody may care for the environment but many would like to destroy it purposely for their own personal benefit. For this reason, it is high time that we do something to help our government agency regarding concerns of environment restoration. A tree planting program would be best in order to restore destroyed forests in our environment, and thus will benefit us greatly.

Tree planting is known as reforestation which involved planting of seedlings over an area of land that is plain, or has been harvested or ravaged. It is grounded in forest science which can result to successful regeneration of a deforested area. Additionally, tree plantings enhance the natural beauty of our environment, protect watersheds, and enable forests to contribute to the state’s economy by assuring a stable supply of water, wood and providing for recreational opportunities. However, after planting, a follow-up care to the growth of the seedlings is needed to ensure the success of the plantation.