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As we can see in our environment at present, illegal logging and kaingin system are rampant resulting to denuded forest and worst flooding and erosion in some areas of our locality. Somebody may care for the environment but many would like to destroy it purposely for their own personal benefit. For this reason, it is high time that we do something to help our government agency regarding concerns of environment restoration. A tree planting program would be best in order to restore destroyed forests in our environment, and thus will benefit us greatly.

Tree planting is known as reforestation which involved planting of seedlings over an area of land that is plain, or has been harvested or ravaged. It is grounded in forest science which can result to successful regeneration of a deforested area. Additionally, tree plantings enhance the natural beauty of our environment, protect watersheds, and enable forests to contribute to the state’s economy by assuring a stable supply of water, wood and providing for recreational opportunities. However, after planting, a follow-up care to the growth of the seedlings is needed to ensure the success of the plantation.


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