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With dignity and pride teaching profession is highly commendable yet the remuneration won’t commensurate to the effort or service it rendered. Notwithstanding, their prestige is beyond imaginable for their work is priceless that you can never repay the sacrifices they exerted as well as how they touch everyone’s lives. Moreover, when you become a teacher considering that you already passed the licensure examination, it would be self-fulfilling and gratifying knowing how valuable this profession is and the process you’ve gone through in achieving it. Conversely, becoming a teacher you should be equipped with the necessary skills, knowledge and values in order to be effective on this field. It requires versatility and flexibility in dealing with the challenges and demands of the society or of the world at large and at the same time to meet and cope it it. Formal training is vital to definitely prepare you the insurmountable predicaments that are inevitable for this profession. Nevertheless, as you approach this profession you still need a lot of preparation to sharpen your capabilities and improved your potential to definitely uphold its reputation in providing quality education to the students or to the learners.


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