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Influences of the past to modern Philippine Education

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As accounted by some educators that education has something to do with the acquiring of knowledge where intelligence is developed and character is formed which is facilitated primarily at home then continued in an educational institution. Education is a sort of training the mental capacity of the person and all other things that constitute the wholeness of the individual where learning is expected. But how this education existed, and why we have this so-called school curriculum as guide through our course of study like for instance the elementary and high school curriculum of the Philippine Education System.

Undoubtedly, our education is influenced by the past which is carried over and practiced until now. Suffice to say that it is rooted from the ancient times as man seek for truth and knowledge and eventually generate ideas that enables him to investigate more and learn new things. This is then the springboard of the creation of the different perspectives of education from all periods or era’s of history. All acclaimed philosophers and noted historian contributed for the development of today’s modern education, particulary in the Philippines.


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