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Life could be complicated if you want to perceived it that way but it could be a lot more wonderful if you let yourself enjoy every moment of your life. My existence in this lifetime is a precious gift from our Lord God thus everything that I do should be in consonance to His laws and to whatever endeavor and decisions I am about to make I first consult it to Him and ask for His guidance. When problems strike me I take it as a challenge and immediately pray to God to strengthen me and primarily to keep my faith on Him. Hence, I am not afraid in this world for I know God is with me. The entirety of my being is much more concentrated in cheerfully fulfilling God’s commands and doctrines for I am His servant and shall ever be His faithful servant.


Concurrently, I believe that to live is to appreciate life and by appreciating life you can feel the greatness living within yourself, for what good is there if you keep on complaining and dreading to end your life rather than making most of it. So why waste our energy feeling helpless and worthless because beyond suffering is love and wisdom. Thus, I keep on moving and look for something greater. And take a look of everything this beautiful world has to offer.


Moreover, I may not be a perfect person yet I know I’m a good one. I never degrade nor humiliate somebody instead I treat everyone with high regard worth of being treated nicely. I consider everyone as my friend willing to help them as long as I can. However, I don’t usually build a deep attachment with them for I know friends come and go. I only savor a single moment I am with them and treasure it. I am fond listening to people and interact with them, learn from them because we can only know ourselves if we see ourselves in the eyes of others.


Seemingly, I am a precisely family oriented, I love and value my family. I’ll do everything for their sake. I am obedient to my parents and grandparents and very glad I have them with me. My grandparents never failed to guide and support me, they are the reason that I become a better person, I owe so much to them and I shall cherish the wisdom they endowed to me. I’ll do my very best to make them very proud of me and see them very happy. Also, as much as possible I manifest good example to my younger brothers and sister and lead them to the right direction. My family is all I have right now the greatest wealth I possess.


Further, in working I do my job conscientiously, because I don’t want to settle for less, it should be near perfect. I concur to the advocacy of the organization I am into as long as it won’t infringe the harmonious living of the society and above all it won’t encroach upon the laws of God. Correspondingly, I always uphold integrity and diligence for I am not working for men but for our Lord God.


Author: melraethinks

a wife and a servant

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