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Confucianism – a strong influence

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All philosophies actually influenced us one way or another however, Confucianism leaves a mark and influenced us strongly and greatly in sense that our life is guided with some disciplines of this philosophy. As a person we began to understand what we believed in life and how we see things lightly and with so much ease. As a teacher, Confucianism taught us to deal with our students and inspire them. It always reminds us to love our students and never to give up with them. Whenever we are on a verge of anger because of our students, we always think the principle of Confucianism to be compassionate and be a role model to them and uplift the students’ moral character because it’s the best shield against the world full of wickedry. As a parent, we find ourselves instilling our children with good manners and at the same time manifesting it. We ensure that our children develops right attitude by guiding them with their developmental tasks and disciplining them with full of love and care. Every time our children commits mistake we still process them about what they have done and how they feel about it then we explain to them their mistakes and set rules.


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