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Philosophy of the counselor

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No one knows where would fate bring me, nor care where it lead me. I am alone with my endeavor until I start to seek and search the right path for me. There I learned that life isn’t bad at all, there are still odds that we encounter but more are the beautiful surprises that brighten our way. All we need is someone that enlighten us and someone that brings us to a more individualistic us to be fully self-actualized.

It is certain that individual is actually striving for self-actualization in order to function perfectly as human being. Yet there are still instances that human beings failed to actualize and that leads them to psychological imbalance and emotionally disturbed. Thus, to help these individual to alter their psychological state; to strengthen and improve the quality of the integrative process to foster higher level of their self-actualization – I open my doors to them. I offer my whole heart to those who are in need of guidance and assistance to diagnose and cure their troubled minds and affect. I will render my service to them with unconditional positive regards and respect and treat them with emphatic understanding. I will facilitate my clients with all the knowledge and skills that had equipped me and play different roles depending upon how the session develops. I will select the best and most desirable technique for my client to suit his needs and chose another technique for them to respond effectively to the counseling session. It is also to ensure that my client would definitely be able to cope up with his own problems and deal with it positively. I’ll watched carefully my behavior and manifestations during counseling session to avoid crossing the limitation and must observed the proper ethics in counseling to become more efficient and a reputable counselor. I should make myself approachable and possessing the qualities as a counselor to the field I’ve chosen.

I am counselor that would help the clients to have a wonderful outlook in life, to gain back their senses, to give immediate respond to their needs and concerns; and to lead them to the right direction they are going to take, if necessary. I would entirely devote myself in quenching the thirst of personality integration and unification of my clients. I’ll construct my own theory by drawing on established theories so that I could apply the most appropriate technique to my clientele and be able to help them along the way.

I will uphold all of these things with the guidance of God and reach out to those who need me. I’ll put my heart and soul into counseling and practice it with integrity and dignity.


Author: melraethinks

a wife and a servant

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