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Human has a thrust to improve. It is a human tendency to strive for self-development and fulfillment to continue the cycle of life and achieve a worthwhile esteem of the self. Self-esteem as stated by Rosenberg is a favorable and unfavorable attitude toward the self; it needs a greater understanding to realize the individuals value or worth. According to Maslow, it is imperative to satisfy human basic needs to become successfully self-fulfilled and that includes self-esteem, which is essential and indispensable for growth and survival. But as man seeks for self-fulfillment he or she may either have a high or low self-esteem, which will affect his/her life in the process. Further, there are many factors that contributed in acquiring a high or low self-esteem such as social status, family, peers, teachers, experiences, and many more.

As believed, one having a high self-esteem has a positive regard of oneself and were motivated and determined to achieve success in the future. While, one having a low self-esteem is believe to have a negative outlook and is at a higher risk of becoming depressed. Indeed, self-esteem is related to depression that when we feel depressed we feel down and loss an impulse to go on further and thus a clear indicator of a low self-esteem. Moreover, it leads to a person to cope with their depression by any means oblivious of the value of his self like drug dependence or drug abuse which could apparently imperil his life in the future.


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