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If you are meant for each other (MFEO) then truly time will always find a way, notwithstanding the distance and strangeness, it will push your backs towards the opportunity of meeting the perfect person solely designed for you.


            I was working at that time in the City Prosecution Office. I had a friend. She was my classmate in the graduate school. Her best friend had arrived from Taiwan. Fresh from working abroad, the latter informed her that she was looking for someone, someone whom she could like. Well, girl talks are always exciting, full of wonderful topics. And that includes relationships. Thinking whom the former could recommend, she told the latter that there was this guy who was my classmate in the graduate school. He is good looking, serious and intelligent. Of course, she was referring to me. She then gave my number to her best friend.

Unknowingly, a short message had appeared in my phone. It told me that she would like to come in my place. I was surprised. I think to myself who is this lady. Then I made a reply to the text message, “sure why not”.

It was Friday afternoon. I was very busy organizing the activity in our Church. To get some snap because I was a little bit tired, I went home. Then my mother had arrived and told me that somebody was looking for you in the Church. She has a fair complexion having a long hair. She was anew to us. We do not know her name.

It made me ponder on who was looking for me. Then I hastily went back to the Church. When I arrived in there, my friend approached me. He was accompanying someone. “This lady was looking for you”, he told. Oh I see! I nodded. I greeted her with a smile.

We then have a date that night. But there was a turning point after all. This was very surprising. And it really was. She told me that she had a niece. She was smart, beautiful and very convivial. She asked me if I would mind to give my number to her. Then I replied, “why not?” Eventually, I did not realized that it was already the time how it started. (to be continued)


Author: melraethinks

a wife and a servant

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