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In this new era, businesses began to evolve and grew rapidly in order to meet the global demand, and Latin America paved the way the importance of training and HRD professionals for the development of employees for the latter are the key factors on the growth and progress of the business. But along with these, there are obstacles needs to overcome. First is, training hasn’t viewed as strategic. People believe that training is a discrete activity and other than that it did not help nor contributed to the success of the business for they said training were not to improve the employees performance. Hence, Latin America vigorously needs to change this belief. Next is, the training has lack of support from management. There is no strong commitment or total support of training coming from the management for they consider it to be an expense without getting something in return and also, they’re afraid of the sustainability of their employees. Another is, impaired access to information. Because of language variation and cultural differences in every country it’s quite difficult to pass on the necessary information in regards to training. Moreover, Latin America was challenged by these obstacles and was able to find solution of those mentioned obstruction. Thus, they able to progress, creating different techniques and strategies for a more productive and effective training of employees. And by the help of advanced technology trainers could master those obstacles. Currently, big companies provide training’s for they believe it could help their employees to grow and at the same time perform well and stay longer in the company. Henceforth, it is believe that in the near future, Latin America would be able to create corporate universities, use more intensive technology, provide better education to children and training for adults and create learning organizations.

Latin America was so amazing for they able to conduct a thorough investigation and excellent analyzation of the needs of the company and more particularly the needs of the employees. And the result is, the creation of training in companies. Training indeed play a vital role to the company, for it enhanced and developed the performance of the employees thus fuel up the progress and prosperity of companies. When a company aims to be successful and sustain in the business world well definitely they should provide extensive training to the employees in order to achieve their goals. For employees are the one who operates the business and run for its success, they must be given value and attention for them to become more competent of their job. But then, training must be given appropriately to really meet its objective so that the effort and expense wouldn’t be wasted. Good thing that Latin America device different strategies that suits the needs and welfare of employees and the companies could use of it.

On the other hand, HRD’s play an important role in companies, for they are the one who trained and help employees. They are the personnel’s whom the management could rely on in the development of the firm in terms of building and creating very good employees . They assess and evaluate employees to predict any predicaments in the future and be able to prevent it earlier. Therefore, it is imperative that HRD’s and training should be present in every companies.


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