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Personally, I believe that life is suffering. As long as we live we suffer from time to time. As for myself, since I was a child I learn to suffer for the sake of my family. There was one time that I suffer because of my younger brothers since I am the eldest I should be patient in dealing with them even if they’re destroying my things and making a mess in the house then I’m the one who will clean it. I was taught not to shout at them and not to fight with them so I just cried in silence. But later, when I see my brothers enjoy playing I feel happy and learn how to overcome my suffering through right attitude.

Actually I treat everyone as my friends; I never degrade nor humiliate someone. Because I believe that if you don’t wish that others will hurt you don’t hurt them. So I really try not to easily judge other people and understand them. There was a time when a friend was mad at me because she was offended of what I’ve done without her presence. I initiated a meeting for our organization since I was assign for a certain project as a chairperson. This friend of mine happens to be the vice-president of the organization, and she’s mad why I didn’t ask for her permission and talk something bad about me. I just ignored her and continue with my project and I never fight her back for I understand her sentiments and I never hate her as well.

Other people told me that I’m a convivial and amiable person. I easily laugh and I love to smile. I smile to everyone I meet. I guess that’s my way of perceiving life I allow myself to go with the nature and appreciate it so what’s the use of frowning where you able to see the wonderful world. Then when I encountered problems I just smile at it for I know it will come and go it’s a natural process.

I know what is right and what is wrong. And I dutifully follow and obey what is right for me and what is lawful. I’m so afraid to commit mistakes and violate the rules and doctrines.  I make sure that everything I do is in accordance in the laws of God.


Author: melraethinks

a wife and a servant

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