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Looking forward to the future, HRD profession was predicted or rather analyzed that this profession might change into a more specific area and may evolve in the next five to seven years. There are four scenarios that was predicted and that are the sub city, a boundless world, caste system and the silo economy. In the sub city, it entails that HRD are for procurement of employees only, while in the boundlessness world, due to innovative technology there would be no difference between external and internal HRD. For the case system it stresses more about the evaluation whereas the silo economy speaks about training’s but depends on the industry. These are the predicted scenarios in the near future so that HRD could prepare their selves if this might happen.

I am not so convinced that these scenarios would be inevitable in the next five to seven years, because they have no quantified basis in analyzing these scenarios. But whatever made them to predict such thing I hope it won’t happen. Though HRD’s needs to evolve but not in that way mentioned above for HRD’s have a distinct characteristics with different roles that talks about the development of the employees, from hiring, selecting, promoting and training. HRD’s portray a very important role in helping out the company, for I guess in the future, they would continue to soar and this profession would be highly recognized. I am pretty much sure that no matter how many years would pass, HRD’s would still be in its place improving and developing.


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