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It is a fact that before the applicant get hired, there is a lot of element to look at and must be viewed intently. One of these is the job interview, one of the basis in assessing applicant whether he/she is qualified of the job he/she is applying for. Consequently, during interview there are proper ways to be manifested by the interviewee to show that you are one they’re looking for. Nonetheless it doesn’t fit to all countries because as what the Canadian had observed, new applicants exhibit different forms of behavior. For instance: eye contact, for Western countries eye contact is necessary to show sincerity but to Middle East counries it’s on the contrary for it is improper for them to do that; another is handshaking, it must be firm to signify trustworthiness, but to other countries it might be different thing; then also self-promotion, you should sell yourself to the interviewer to impressed him/her and consider you to be hired but then again there are countries who find it inappropriate; and lastly relevant information, wherein in other countries they answer specific details to questions that seems irrelevant to the interviewer. Subsequently, the new Canadian applicant coming from different country and culture are underrated or else overrated by the interviewer.

Our behavior and attitude varies from culture to culture in all the countries around the world, and basically we conform to this culture where we are brought up. And wherever we will go this culture is already embeded to us in which we can’t change it instantly. As for what the article talks about that during job interviews, the interviewer met different kinds of people from different countries, and so they tend to overrate or underrate the applicant which is for me not fair to them because it is not their fault that they grow in that kind of culture. It must be right if the interviewer should know where the applicant came from to avoid prejudicism and subjective assessment, and they should likewise take into consideration their culture because he/she might have the skills and capabilities needed in the job. The interviewer then must be open minded in deliberating the applicant who comes from different countries which has a very rigid culture because if the former aims to hire the best and the brightest then culture differences should be disregarded. 


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