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Single women are mostly successful in their careers since most of them have no time for love or they have no love-life. They concentrate on working very hard and fail to give time to commit into a serious relationship. Also, when women is unattached at the age of 35, she is very picky and have a very high standard towards men. They easily get discourage when they notice blemishes or imperfections to a guy they are dating. Thus, they remain single and have hard time finding Mr. Right Guy. In this light, single women at the age of 35 have common personalities and these are the following:

  1. They tend to be irritable. They easily be annoyed on small things and seemed to be always angry of everything. They laugh a little and are very sensitive.
  2. They are very strict of almost everything and wanted to be impeccable.
  3. They seem to be happy but deep inside they are lonely. They long to have someone to be with, to talk with, to laugh with, to cry with and to love with.

Author: melraethinks

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