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Being married does not necessarily mean to disregard your physical appearance you should all the more work to look more beautiful in the eyes of your husband. Not that it matters most but what matters least which often neglected by most wife could be one factor that leads to a major problem. Try to be a little bit self and beauty conscious in order to maintain or enhance your appearance in so doing your husband will never cease to be enchanted with your beauty. Applying beauty products and a visit to hair and beauty salon can help you in your transformation. Never weary in doing this regularly so that you will become lovelier and prettier. Treat yourself once in a while for this is one way of distressing after all being a wife is not that easy most especially if you are already a mother. Always look after yourself, your health and looks so you will feel wonderful inside and out.


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How would you feel if your own brother will choose someone else over you? The pain is beyond bearable especially when all your life you’ve spent together experiencing life’s deepest sorrow.

When you are the eldest of the family you took care of your younger brothers and sisters. It’s you who look after them and see to it that they are in good and in comfortable state. You strive hard in order for them to see what you have done and for them to look upon you. You struggle to survive and sacrifice something just for them, though they didn’t ask for it. You wanted a good life for them so you help them to get by and see them through and through. All you dreamed and wished is for them to live better and above all live in accordance to the laws of God because you wouldn’t allow them to live astray and become miserable someday.

And now that they are big and accomplished, your voice is of little importance. Your admonishment is considered unprincipled and contemptible. You then become the antagonist of their life. It’s truly excruciating. Maybe your role as a sister ends here and that you still wish them good luck.