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Remembering my wedding day

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I was about to face the biggest challenge of my life and that was getting married. Every time I feel lonely I usually recall the day of accepting the commitment of a lifetime and it makes me happy. On that day, the feeling was ambiguous. I felt very excited, very apprehensive, very anxious and at the same very happy. Actually it seemed I was floating and I had difficulty understanding my surroundings. It’s a kind of feeling that will happen only once in your life. On the other hand, getting married was not an easy task for you undergo a lot of pressure and a lot of stress. You took care of everything even the tiniest detail because you wanted your wedding to be perfect if not at least almost. Wedding is a very important day of every woman because it’s like a dream come true. The bride is like a beautiful princess in the fairy tale regally walking on the aisle on the arms of her father while looking excitedly to her handsome groom. Walking on the aisle was such an indescribable feeling which cannot be replaced nor purchased with anything on this world.




Author: melraethinks

a wife and a servant

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